Want to See My Story on Germs Turned into a KCET Artbound Video? Here’s How.

"Tribute to Magu" by Germs. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

“Tribute to Magu” by Germs. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Last week, my first story for KCET Artbound hit the web. It’s called “The Infectious Ephemera of Germs.” In it, I interview L.A.-based artist Germs about his stunning work and the impact Los Angeles has had on that work.

Right now, the story is up for your vote. If it does well in the voting round, KCET Artbound will make a video documentary based on the story. I think that’s pretty cool. Hopefully, you do too. If you do think that this is a smashing idea, then you need to cast a vote.

“Vote Head-to-Head: The Artwork of Germs vs. Previewing the Broad Contemporary Art Museum