This Friday, We Play The Cure at Underground

I remember the moment when I went from liking The Cure to being, like, totally freakin’ obsessed with The Cure. It’s when I heard Disintegration. That happened sometime in 6th grade. Disintegration was an album that probably really did change my life. It marked a personal change, the beginning of a transformation from being an unintentionally nerdy kid to a defiantly weird teenager.

Sometimes I think that the only albums that really, truly matter are the ones you heard when you’re caught in the midst of puberty. You don’t forget the solace found in those albums that accompanied your teenage meltdowns. You don’t forget that Robert Smith understood you better than your fake friends did.

Point being, The Cure is a big deal in my world. The Cure might very well be a big deal in your world too.

This Friday, I’ll be playing records at Underground. Many of those records will have been made by Robert Smith and various associates. It’s basically our tribute to the band. You are invited to join us. RSVP on Facebook and you can get in for free before 10 p.m. Get out on the dance floor and I might throw in a B-side for you.