New Stories: Transformers


In first or second grade, I was totally into Michael Jackson. Thriller had just come out and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the biggest album of the day. That Christmas, I got my own Michael Jackson doll. I treasured him, but not enough to keep track of the single sequined-like glove. I still have the doll, but he is incomplete. That’s why I find Transformers collectingso interesting. Those toys had a lot of small parts and there’s little chance that their former six-year-old owners kept them intact. That makes collecting those toys of the ’80s tough for adults.

Last weekend, I went to BotCon. That’s an annual Transformers convention that moves from location to location across the country. While I was there, I asked a lot of vendors about those collectibles. I wanted to know what people were trying to find and what was considered rare. You can read about that in my story for Topless Robot.

Meanwhile, I met some creative Transformers fans at the convention. One customizes toys for fans who can’t find the look they want. Two others started their own toy company that makes accessories/tiny friends that fit with a number of retro toys. I wrote about them in my latest column for L.A. Weekly.


A few months ago, I hopped into a towncar with Afrojack and interviewed him while en route from Point A to Point B. Fortunately, it was a Saturday evening in Hollywood. Lousy traffic makes for better interviews! The story is now ready to read as part of Paper‘s special issue on high-profile DJ/producers.


On the DJ front, tomorrow will be my last night at Shadowplay, the goth club that my pals and I launched last year. I won’t be playing, or even going to, clubs often for at least the next few months as I have to focus on some big writing projects. If you would like to join us, ¬†go to the Grand Star (next to the Bruce Lee statue in Chinatown) Saturday night at 10 p.m. This is a 21+ event and the cover is $5 all night.