New Stories: E3, Hipster Little Mermaid and More

Traci Hines at Japan L.A. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Traci Hines at Japan L.A. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Last week was E3, so I spent a good chunk of time Metro-ing back-and-forth from Los Angeles Convention Center. This was my second time attending E3 with a badge. (I went badgless two other times.) It’s much different from the events that I normally cover, mostly because it’s a trade show rather than a fan convention. It’s much more similar to NAMM, the music trade show in Anaheim, than it is to San Diego Comic-Con.

I wrote E3 stories for L.A. Weekly this year. “Why Aren’t There More Women in the Video Game Industry?” features interviews with women who make games, write about games and are otherwise involved in the industry. “Oculus Rift Gives You Magical Powers in a New Video Game Set in 2020 L.A.” spotlights a game I tried out at IndieCade’s booth. Anamnesis was created by two USC students and uses Oculus Rift to present multiple points of view in a narrative game.

Aside from E3, there has been quite a bit going on lately. Paper Magazine sent me on assignment to check out Cut Your Teeth, an underground dinner party from Wolvesmouth mastermind Craig Thornton and artist Matthew Bone. For KCET’s Artbound, I met up with writer/photographer Mr. Bonzai and sculptor Keiko Kasai at their home/studio. The two have been together for 30 years and Mr. Bonzai recently unveiled three decades of drawings he created based on Kasai. Last weekend, Traci Hines was at Japan L.A. for an Adorkable Apparel pop-up shop. Hines is a singer who gained a lot of popularity thanks to her resemblance to Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I talked to Hines about how she channeled that popularity into a nifty clothing line for my latest L.A. Weekly column.

Stay tuned because there will be more stories coming out in the next few days.