Los Animales: The Countdown Continues

LA FB header_Ian


Meet the latest in a long line of hip rockers named Ian. Jeaux and I have been playing with this character for years now, an earlier incarnation of him appeared in a few of the original Animal Sounds comic strips. Now, he’s part of the Los Animales crew, a frontman who makes frienemies wherever he goes.

We’re only a few days away from the launch of Los Animales and my heart is pounding faster with every word I type. Maybe it’s because I’m listening to “Nerves,” an aptly titled Bauhaus song, as I try to spruce up the Twitter page before handing it over to Manda and Pedro (you caught a glimpse of them here last week).

Jeaux and I spent all day Saturday working on color and lettering. Mostly, he was working on it and I was staring over his shoulder saying, “Yeah, that works.” I’m still rewriting Chapter 2, which you probably won’t see until April. I think. ┬áTechnically, I’m still rewriting Chapter 1 too, but I think that needs to end soon. Very soon.