Stories: September 18-24

The most exciting thing that I had the chance to do last week was head to Sotheby’s in Century City to check out a slice of David Bowie’s art collection. I was practically born a Bowie fan, so seeing the art that he loved and thinking about how it must have inspired him was a wonderful opportunity.

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Recently, I interviewed Aisha Tyler by phone. I’ve enjoyed her work since Talk Soup, so this was assignment was a treat.

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New Stories: September 11-17, 2016

Patrick Martinez in his studio. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

Patrick Martinez in his studio. (Photo: Liz Ohanesian)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this thing. Right now, the goal is to update on Sundays with a recap of my stories that ran over the past week.

“10 Tracks That Prove the ’90s Were the Golden Age of Nerdy Dance Jams” (L.A. Weekly, 9/13/16)

I’m not much of a list-maker, but there has been one list that I’ve long wanted to write. That’s this one. Quite a few of these were songs that I loved dearly in the era they were released. I still love them. In fact, I’ve been playing “O Fortuna” and “Temple of Dreams” a lot at 90s Goth Klub, the monthly party in L.A. where I’m a resident DJ. I might have to play a few more of these songs soon.

“Retro ‘Pee-Chee’ Folders are Re-envisioned to Memorialize Victims of Police Violence” (Artbound, 9/14/16)

Patrick Martinez is an L.A.-based artist who has been documenting instances of police violence in his series of Pee-Chee folder-styled paintings. I recently visited him at his studio where he spoke at length about these powerful works.

“Is the Future of Raves in Virtual Reality?” (L.A. Weekly, 9/15/16)

I write a twice-monthly column for L.A. Weekly about dance music, DJ culture and club life. In this installment, I attended the VR Rave, a dance party in a virtual reality world. It was so weird and so much fun.

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