What I Learned from Passing Out Club Flyers


I didn’t go inside Underground until the party was over last night. I wasn’t DJing, so I powered through three interview transcriptions and showed up shortly after 1 a.m. I stood outside, stack of flyers in my hand and waited for people to leave.

“Come back tomorrow night,” I would say while handing them a piece of paper marked with the details for Shadowplay. That’s our party that’s happening tonight.

Flyering at Underground isn’t a big deal. It’s the same promotion and DJ team, and some of the same crowd, so people are receptive to promos. That doesn’t mean they’ll show up tonight. It just means that they didn’t shoot me a glare and throw the flyers on the ground.

We still print up and pass out paper flyers. That sounds quaint, but it helps. Most of the people who take the flyer will never stop by the party, but you can say the same thing about Facebook invites. The benefit of IRL promotion is that you can actually gauge a reaction better than you can with a like on a status update. Anecdotally, I can tell you that when someone takes the flyer and expresses interest in the event, there’s a good chance you’ll see the person at the party.
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