What I Learned From Conventions Pt. 1: Confidence

Next month, I’ll be attending four or five conventions. That’s a lot, even for someone who writes about conventions as part of her job. I went to my first convention in 2008 because I was looking for DVDs. I started writing about them because they interested me. I kept writing about them because people seemed to be reading the stories. I thought that maybe, after a year or two, I would move on to something else. I didn’t. Ultimately, writing about conventions became more than a means of getting paid. Conventions became part of my education.

At conventions, I learned a lot of basics of reporting in the 21st century. I learned how to write fast, how to make the most of technology in places where Internet access is sparse and how to survive on very little sleep. I didn’t simply learn how to report at conventions. It’s inside these massive, crowded venues that I learned how to be a better person
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