This Is My Desk Right Now

My desk.

My desk.

This is my desk. It’s all ready for me to work on another rewrite of the second chapter of Los Animales. I think this is the fourth rewrite I’ve done. Maybe more. I can’t remember. The first chapter went through about three or four rewrites and we’re still editing that as Jeaux works on inking. I’m sure will continue editing it after he’s done.

Since we’re doing a comic that revolves around music, I’m basically playing certain bands and albums on repeat as I write. For the first chapter, I worked with The Smiths last, and most amazing, album Strangeways Here We Come as well as Alive 2007, the live album from Daft Punk (one of the only live albums that doesn’t annoy me). For Chapter 2, I’m listening to Pulp, specifically Different Class, The KLF and acid house-era Psychic TV. Right now, I have The White Room, by The KLF, playing through the office.

If you’re on Tumblr, you can keep up to date on our last minute efforts to finish Los Animales. 


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