Catch Up: New Stories for L.A. Weekly , Geek Exchange and Hi-Fructose


Just a quick post to let you know what’s been going on this week.

On Tuesday, Titmouse released the animated short “Pinched” via iTunes. It’s a cool flick and I had the chance to interview creator David Vandervoort for Geek Exchange.

“Animated Short ‘Pinched’ Hits iTunes”

I recently had the chance to visit Abso Lutely Studios, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s production company. While I was there, I talked with Heidecker, as well as Eric Andre and Derrick Beckles, star of the new Adult Swim series Hot Package. Read the story for L.A. Weekly.

“Inside Tim & Eric’s Company, Which Is Pushing the Boundaries of TV Comedy”

On the print side of the spectrum, I wrote about L.A.-based artist Ken Garduno for Hi-Fructose vol. 29. This story is not available online, so if you want to read it, make sure you pick up a copy.

Order a copy of Hi-Fructose vol. 29.

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